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6'6" Emoni Bates IS THE COLDEST 7th Grader ON THE PLANET | YOUNG KD

By Admin, 05/22/17, 8:30PM EDT


The BUZZ is real. Bates Fundamentals came to Naptown to play in the George Hill Invitational, and ran through the competition! WOW did he put on a show! He is best 7th grader Inthegymhoops has ever seenI mean EVER. His vision, skill set, versatility, agility at is age and size is darn right incredible. Bates kept us guessing with anticipation of what he was gone do next. At his age there is nothing he can't do with a basketball. He is so far ahead of his time its just amazing. We give mad credit to his parents for the type of son they have raised, and the work his pops put in with him in the gym. He also presented some key intangibles that you just don't see anymore with a lot of kids. We saw young Bates several times hand the ball directly to the ref even if he had to run and go get the ball. Young players don't even understand how cool that looks to College coaches. Bates has a fiery streak in him as well. So if your guarding him don't make him mad cause your going to be in trouble. Bates Fundamental has a really solid team, they have some other talented players as well. Ty Rodgers, Javaughn Hannah and several others.